Messages From Rev Sheila Murray

Getting Ready for Easter

1 March, 2012, 4:44 pm

It always seems that the Advent and Christmas seasons are just over and along comes Lent leading us towards Holy Week! Most of us spend a significant amount of time getting ready for Christmas but how much do we do to get ready for Holy Week?  Good Friday and Easter are the two most important dates in the Christian year followed perhaps by Pentecost and then Christmas but ironically we invest most of our energy on Christmas.

Please do not get me wrong Christmas is a wonderful time. Christmas is important in our Christian tradition and deserves much celebration.  However; if you had no experience with Christianity and spent a year observing how Christians practice their faith you would conclude that Christmas is by far the most important event.

Think of it this way: Christmas is the ‘opening act’ and Jesus’ death and resurrection are the ‘main event’. Note I did not suggest that Good Friday and Easter are the ‘final act’ because the Easter story of resurrection is that moment in time when Jesus defeats death and assures us that God is with us in this life and beyond. Good Friday and Easter are the ‘ main event’ as they usher in the continual possibility in our lives of God’s grace and love.

Here’s a thought, what if we invested even 25% of the time and effort in preparing for Holy Week that we do for Christmas? Just imagine how significant remembrances of Good Friday and celebrations of Easter could be. With Easter morning we hear the angels proclaim, ‘He is not here, He is Risen’. It is the big moment in our faith tradition why not give it its’ due!